Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crochet Christmas Tree

As a kid, I had a mini Christmas tree. It was 3-4 feet tall. And I got to put it up in my bedroom every year! For my 1st Christmas, I was 9 months old. My mom made me a bunch of ornaments. To this day, I still have them. There is a snowman, a Santa, a long garland, etc. Everything crochet. Very vintage. Something I am a HUGE fan of!

I know it is a little early to be thinking about Christmas. And Christmas trees. But for about 3 years now, I have wanted to have a Christmas tree with all handmade ornaments. It seems like an easy task. Last year, I made about 12. Then my parents came to my house for Christmas, and they convinced me that we just needed to put up a tree. 2 days before Christmas my dad bought me hot pink and lime green decorations. My crochet snowflakes and stars were put away. And I didn't think about them any more.

Until tonight. I am at work. Dr. S brought me a mini tree for my office. It's about 4 feet tall. I'm thinking about my ornaments again. You see, one day during the summer, I got this wise idea. To sit and crochet some Christmas ornaments. It was 105*F and I was dreaming of snow and twinkle lights. I had 5 or 6 designs in mind. I figured I would make 5 of each. And I did really good. Until, I gave them away! Dr. S's wife really liked them. I gave her a set. I can't remember if there was 5 or 6 of them. But she loved them.

My boss' grandma really likes my crafts too. I sent her a set. And I gave a set to my neighbor. I only had 3 full sets. Now I have 5 angels, 6 stars, and 8 snowflakes. What a weird number! But I think, I am going to try really hard this year, to get them made. I figure I can crochet 5 of each design. That is roughly 30 ornaments. I found a pattern for a cute garland. And I have the perfect vintage twinkle lights. I think it will look nice in my office. That way I am not worried about the kids breaking an ornament and getting hurt.

Now to just get motivated to work on them. I have been making baby stuff. My goddaughter is due in less than a week. That's the only think I have on the brain. Booties, blankets, and little dresses. I need to get into the holiday spirit!



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