Friday, November 27, 2009

Craft Sadness

Every year, since it began, my mom and I have had 2 tables at our church Craft Fair. When it first started, there were not many people that participated. But we wanted to support our church. That was in 2000. It is one of the larger fundraisers that they do. You can get a table for $20. And you can sell anything but food. That is because the church sells breakfast and lunch. Really good food! But you can sell baked goods.

We take all of our crafts. Everything ranging from sewing to crochet. And everything in between! And we take a HUGE spread of baked goods. The money we make from the baked goods and candy, we donate back to the church. Just a little "Thank You."

Since 2001, I have made the 3 hour drive north. Sometimes, just for the day! But we want to support our church. We belong to a really good church. And everyone is like family. My mom and I don't do it to make money. If we make money, great. If not, we still helped the church. We never care where our tables are located. We have been everywhere from the front to right next to the door, in a corner! This is the only Craft Fair that we participate in. Some years, they have had 3 (Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day.) Other years, there is just the Holiday Craft Fair. It just depends.

A while back, my mom got the information in the mail. And called right away. They were already out of tables! We couldn't believe it. Although, we don't count on the Craft Fair to make money, we really enjoy going. You get to meet new people. You see people that you haven't seen in months. The food is amazing. And I just enjoy seeing people happy when they buy something from us.

But after making crafts all year, this will be the first time we are not in the Craft Fair. One of the ladies from church, was really upset. My mom and her got to talking about a week ago. In fact, many people had been asking about us. Wanting to buy some crafts. Because we honestly don't sell our items for a lot of money. Sometimes, we just cover our supply cost. Patsy was so upset because we didn't get a table. She told us, that she didn't understand why they wouldn't set our 2 tables aside. We are the only people that participate in every Craft Fair. I'm not sure. But it got us thinking.

I heard on the radio, while stuck in traffic, that there was going to be a Craft Fair at a local school. It is 6 days later. And if all these people were counting on our crafts, why not try a new place. It doesn't hurt to expand, right? My mom called the number tonight. But we have to wait until Monday. If I am not mistaken, the tables are slightly cheaper. :)

This has also made me think, I need to open up an Etsy shop. I have been debating that for about 3 years. But it would give people a place to find us. I know my mom's Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls are so popular. And we are always being contacted to make Baptismo outfits. I need to open a shop already!



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