Friday, December 4, 2009

A Wild Day

I don't even know what time it is. Or where to begin! We have been working hard. I haven't slept in over 24 hours! We've had so many events to go to. I've changed, well I don't remember how many times. But it's been a lot!

This morning, we went to the lighting of the Christmas tree. It was freezing! Since when is Las Vegas this cold? But it was one of those events we had to go to. In the end we had a lot of fun! And I have a feeling, had we had to stay another 30 minutes, I might have left with a boyfriend. I was that cold! I told the guys, if they could find me a guy, to keep me warm, well he could be my boyfriend. I was only joking, but they thought it was hilarious!

All day we have been on the go. And all day long, I have had my trusty bodyguard following me. He cracks me up! He really does. But I finally got him to talk to me. I offered him some coffee and a donut. I think it made his day. :) I'm telling you, it was freezing! My necklace, at one point, was stuck to my skin. Hello! It was that cold!

I talked to Anna Marie and Joe earlier. Joe is a little sad to be missing all of this. Especially since we are going to the rodeo later. But I know he would be miserable, had he come with us. Miss Emma Grace is definitely a reason to stay home! Anna Marie also told me that we got quite a bit of snow back home. I just knew it would happen! We would get snow when I left! They said we got 2". And everything just stopped. I guess there was no school. And for the most part, the region is barely able to function. We don't get much snow. This is a HUGE deal back home!

Tonight we are playing 2 shows! It's so exciting. I have had a really good time. This time around, Sin City has been really fun. Usually, we don't get to do much. But our gigs and appearances were very different than normal. We all are enjoying that. I am just sad, I haven't got a single glimpse of the NASCAR action!!! What can you do?

I should get going. I am supposed to be in hair and makeup in 30 minutes. And I still have to go try on my dresses for tonight. Fingers crossed that they fit! This morning we had a hard time finding a dress to fit me. Apparently, I lost weight. I still don't know where! But my clothes are a little big this week. :)



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