Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my parents' 21st wedding anniversary! It doesn't sound like much to some people. But I think it is a HUGE accomplishment. Especially for 2 people that got married because their daughter asked them to. I was 5 years old, and didn't understand why we didn't all have the same last name. We all lived together. How come our names were different?

My parents came around, and decided to get married. Both of my parents had been married previously. Maybe that was their hesitation to saying "I do" for the second time. I'm not sure. But they got married. On the day of our city's "Christmas Parade." My mom and I got stuck in traffic on the way. The best man, maid of honor, and ring bearer were with us. We were over 90 minutes late! But we eventually made it.

I was a huge part of the wedding. I helped me aunt pick out decorations, cake flavors, and flowers. I helped my mom pick out the colors. I was the flower girl. And the one that refused to practice the night before the wedding. But at 5 years old, I convinced my parents to take the plunge. It was a family affair. Not only did they marry each other. But they committed us, the 3 of us, to being a family. Legally bound.

Over the years, we have all hit our rough patches. There have been more than most "normal people" encounter. It tends to happen in blended families. Especially when there are 9 kids, and all their families to add in. We also had a growing business that seemed to hold more weight, than all of us put together. It definitely has demanded more time, than any person in our family has! There were times when I never thought my parents would make it to their next anniversary. But somehow, they pulled through.

21 years ago, I was 5. I wore a teal dress and cried when my parents exchanged rings. I might not have fully understood what it meant. But in my heart, I knew we were a family. We had always loved each other. But that day meant a lot. Every year, I am so proud of them. They have made it this far. We have made it this far. A second marriage, it tends to be more than just a commitment to one another. Especially in our case. I have always felt like I was an equal in the family. We have a very different family dynamic than most. This day to me, is not only their anniversary. But the celebration of our family!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I hope you have a 1000 more!



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